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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stoma - Ileostomy and Urostomy what they are

First have in mind that a doctor and a nurse will guide you though this whole process and you are not alone in this so be confident and all will be all right in the end.

Ileostomy is a stoma constructed by bringing the small intestine( ileum) to the surface of the skin. This way, the waste is collected in a pouch on the abdomen. This kind of stoma is situated on the right side of the abdomen. When an injury occurs on the large intestine and the colon is removed an ileostomy is vitally necessary. Diseases which need surgical removal include „Crohn’s disease” , „Ulcerative colitis” , „Familial adenomatous polyposis” etc. Ileostomy sometimes is necessary in colorectal cancer treatment . A temporary ileostomy is necessary when a tumor blocks the colon. A loop of intestines are brought out through a stoma and the colon and rectum will be removed. This kind of stoma are often the first step in reconstruction of an ileo-anal pouch. This can last up to 11 weeks.

How one lives with an ileostomy

They need an ostomy pouch that collects all intestinal waste. This is a dreinable pouch that is leakproffed at the bottom and it can be used to get rid of the waste any time. It is clearly better that a permanent pouch that needs to be replaced when it gets full. This kind of stoma implies that the pouch will be emptied 4-5 time a day, everyday. So simply it can be used whenever they find themselves near a bathroom. Every 3-6 days the pouch will become deteriorated and needs to be changed and it is rather hard to notice when worn under the clothes, unless it gets too full.

To minimize your problems or a potential blockage one should chew the food very very good in order to help with the digestion process. Also some foods are not recommended like potatoes and some raw vegetables because they are harder to digest.


There is an alternative that needs no external pouch (because that can be for some very unpleasant) named ileo-anal pouch. An internal reservoir is connected to the anus made from the ileum after removing the colon and rectum. So there is no need for external „devices”.


The 4 most commonly reasons when one needs a urostomy:

  1. bladder cancer
  2. neurological dysfunction of the bladder (the bladder doesn’t work as it should)
  3. birth defects
  4. chronic inflammation of the bladder

The urostomy is another form of stoma. It is used for the urinary system. When there are problems with the bladder or the urethra and urinating can not be done by natural ways there is need of a urestomy. The process is rather similar to the Ileostomy. An artificial bladder is made of a bowl that can be emptied whenever it is necessary. This process is not that complicated as an ileostomy and it is simply a procedure to detour urine away from the problem and the organs which suffered surgical procedures and need time to heal. Sometimes the bladder is removed making the urine pass through the stoma to get outside of the body. The surgery that is done to extract and get rid of the sickened bladder is named CYSTECTOMY.

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