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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stoma care - types of stoma and problems that might occur

The name of the stoma comes from the intestine that forms the opening. Here are some different stoma:

1. colostomy, an opening from the large bowel, to allow feces to bypass the anus.

2. ileostomy, an opening from the small bowel, to allow feces to leave the body without passing through the large bowel

3. urostomy,an artificial connection between the urinary tract (the kidneys, bladder and tubes that connect them) and the abdominal wall

4. jejunostomy, an opening from the first part of the small bowel, also used for feeding

5. gastrostomy, an opening from the skin directly into the stomach, to allow feeding

Stoma care is very important and there are a few problems that people having this condition may encounter. The most important problem of having a stoma is the psychological one. Some people just find it very hard to know they have a stoma and get shy or just sad because they feel different or ugly in some way. That is a stupid thing to even consider so do not act childish about this! There are specialists and special trained nurses that can take you throughout this entire process and you can find the best comfort in their professionalism. They do help a lot. A good idea is to surf the internet and find others who suffer from stoma and learn from them how to deal with your problem, and how to take care about your stoma.

Another problem when having stoma is the smell. This is the reason that you start changing you diet and start learning what is best to eat and what you should avoid. Fish and eggs and beer can cause excess wind and runny motions. Try to keep a healthy and rich diet every day because it is very important in your recovery.

If you must travel by plain be sure not to consume fizzy drinks before you get on the plane. Due to the change in pressure in the aircraft cabin, this can cause the stoma bag to simply come off. This would be just terrible so if you can, avoid by all means traveling by air.

Another common problem is taking care of the skin around the stoma. It can easily become sore and broken so ask the doctor about ways of taking care of that or just go to a local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. He or she most certainly can give you a lotion which has skin care properties, and will help you feel more comfortable.

There are also a rage of different bags and hypoallergenic protective skin barriers and creams that can help you. Here are some medicine that are related to helping with the treatment, but take then jut as a „heard about” matter and don’t use these medication before asking a doctor about them.

I heard the following help:

1. Ispaghula husk – help in constipation

2. Magnesium hydroxide – also helps in constipation

3. Loperamide – helps in diarrhea

4. Kaolin and morphine - help in diarrhea

5. Codeine phosphate - increases the amount of water absorbed resulting in more solid feces

Many people live now a healthy worry-free life after recovering from this disease and you can too. You can fully recover from this!!! Just learn a few about your problem and be an optimistic and courageous spirit. I wish you success!

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