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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The digestive system in action

diagram of the human body showing the internal organsVery simply, the digestive process is the means by which food taken into our bodies is used to provide us with energy and nutrients needed for growth and renewal, with anything that is not used expelled as waste. All of this takes place in the 'gastro-intestinal tract'. This starts at the mouth where food enters the body and ends at the anus where waste leaves the body. The total length of the digestive tract is an amazing nine metres!

On the next pages, you will find animated diagrams which show this system in action when it is healthy and when it is constipated. You will then find animated diagrams that show how Senokot Tablets and Senokot Hi-Fibre work to relieve constipation.

Via: http://www.constipationadvice.co.uk

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