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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Constipation and Bloating

picture of a womand holding her hands in front of her stomach making a heart shape

Constipation can have a host of unpleasant symptoms, like irritability, for example, or lethargy. Most of all, however, many sufferers experience bloating as well.

In fact, apart from not being able to go to the loo, bloating is the number one symptom of constipation.

In a recent study, 84% of respondents said they suffered bloating with constipation*.

Besides feeling bloated, you can also have a slightly swollen tummy, sometimes you even want to loosen your belt.

Being constipated is bad enough without bloating, so it helps to know what causes this uncomfortable side effect.

What causes bloating?

When you get constipated, over time, the waste in your lower intenstines can literally build up. When this happens, gases are released, which are trapped in your bowel. This build-up of gases along with constipation is what produces that bloated feeling - and it can be quite painful, too.

Bloating can also have other causes such as IBS or lactose intolerance. If you suffer frequently and are experiencing a lot of discomfort, do not hesitate to consult your GP.

Photo of Senokot Dual Relief

What can you do?

Bloating in the lower gastro-intestinal tract is often caused by constipation.

The best way to deal with bloating is to try to prevent constipation through a fibre-rich diet, drinking lots of fluids and regular exercise.

If you are constipated, however, there are many constipation remedies which will help your digestive system regain its natural balance.

Senokot Dual Relief is one constipation remedy that deals with both. Its natural actives, including senna leaves and fennel seeds, help the body overcome the symptoms of constipation and bloating, providing effective relief.

Always read the label and ask your pharmacist for advice.

* Research conducted by Ipsos-Focus 2006

Via: http://www.constipationadvice.co.uk

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