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Friday, February 22, 2008

Yoga and Health - The Nutrient Cycle

Yoga Health are two words which are very closely related. The yoga health benefit is widely known. Yoga is there to aid both your physical and mental health. Therefore, most people who are interested in practising yoga do so for health reasons. They want to ease their back pain or want to know a method to relieve stress. This yoga and health section takes a closer look at how your body functions and how yoga can benefit your body.

Background on the Nutrient Cycle

The body is the temple of the spirit, and we should take care of it as such. Ultimately, the health of your body depends on the health of its living cells, the building blocks of the tissues and organs whose diverse functions are vital to our well-being. Cells and tissues need a proper environement for health - free of toxins, rich in the necessary supplies of nutrients, and with an efficient communication system.

The urgent need of every cell is to obtain oxygen to fuel its works, and to get rid of waste carbon dioxide quickly. Healthy lungs and heart are the first essential for the cells to obtain the right nutrients. By eating the right food for you, at correct times of a day, you will have a healthy digestions, and the blood will absorb and excrete waste products thoroughly. The micro-circulation around the cells is the body's foundation of health and vitality.

Yoga and The Nutrient Cycle

When you press an area of the skin, it turns first paler, as the blood is pushed away, and then red as it rushes back. This is how yoga asanas or postures work on your tissues, like a hand slowly and gently squeezing a sponge to remove all the stale, waste-bearing fluids, and then stretching the tissue to allow new life-giving nutrients and energy to circulate into the cells. Breathing deeply as you hold the asanas sends more exoygen to the cells, and removes carbon-dioxide. Increased venous return stimulates the heart to contract more firmly in response. The asanas also massage the vital organs, and stimulate the digestive muscles to increase their peristalsis.

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