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Monday, February 11, 2008

Stomach Cancer Symptoms

About Stomach Cancer Symptoms: Many times, stomach cancer does not present any symptoms in the early stages. It is so important to talk about any symptoms or discomforts you are experiencing early on. These symptoms of stomach cancer are also symptoms of many other illnesses.

Blood in the stool: Seeing blood in the stools is a symptom of stomach cancer. Sometimes, you cannot always see blood in the stools, as it iswithin them. Blood can also be detected with a stool sample.

Losing weight without trying: If you have experienced a weight loss and haven't been try to lose weight, you really should get checked out by a doctor. Unintended weight loss can mean many things, and are not always indicative of cancer.

Nausea and/or vomitting: Feeling nauseous and vomiting that lasts more than a day or two is a symptom of stomach cancer, also. Persistent stomach upset is not only uncomfortable, but harsh on the stomach and esophagus.

Loss of appetite: Not feeling like eating for a day or two can be okay, but anything longer should be reported to your doctor.

Do you bloat, especially after eating?: This is one of the more common symptoms of stomach cancer. If you are bloated a lot, try to take notice if it occurs after eating. Keep in mind, that bloating in general is also a symptom.

Abdominal pains and discomfort: This can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. This is the symptom of stomach cancer that usually prompts people to get care.
Changes in bowel habits: Diarrhea and/ or constipation can be symptoms of stomach cancer. If ignored, both can lead to other medical problems.

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