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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Surgeon specialize in Liver Transplant surgery: Subash Gupta

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Dr. Subash Gupta

Professor of Liver transplantation who has done over 500 liver transplants.

  • He is a pioneer and well-known figure in the field of Liver Transplantation with independent transplants to his credit.
  • He has introduced a number of innovations such as
    -Introduction of surgery without the use of expensive immunoglobulins for hepatitis B transplants (Hepatitis B Protocol)
    -Introduction of HTK solution
    -Introduction of Middle Hepatic Vein grafts
    -Middle hepatic vein and right hepatic artery clamp test for graft type selection
    -Extended right lobe graft for better patient outcome.
    -Elimination of the cumbersome venovenous bypass technique of recipient hepatectomy.
    -Decreasing the incidence of bile leak in recipient surgery.
    He has an excellent track record for donor safety.
A world renowned liver transplant surgeon with over 500 successful transplants. Developed retrieval of extended right lobe grafts and developed right lobe transplant techniques. 

Started liver transplantation in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Developed retrieval of extended right lobe grafts and developed right lobe transplant techniques such as transplantation without venovenous bypass, bloodless transplant techniques and fasttracking of patients post transplant with extubation within a few hours of surgery, elimination of parenteral nutrition, and decreasing use of antibiotics.

Introduced similar techniques in Apollo Hospitals with excellent liver transplant results.

Prof. Subash Gupta, MS, FRCSEd, FRCS(Glas)
Centre for Liver and Biliary Surgery 
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Consultation with Anshu Gupta Liver Transplant Consultant / Liver Transplant Coordinator / Liver Transplant Counsellor of Dr Subash Gupta's Liver Transplant Team. 

For Appointment Contact:

Flat No 01, Kamayani Kunj
Plot No 69, I. P. Extension 
Patparganj, Delhi - 110092 
Mobile: 0091 9811685420
Email: anscreativity@gmail.com, livertransplantindia@gmail.com

Feel free to ask questions during your appointments.
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To give Liver Disease or Liver Transplant patients and their families the up-to-date information, practical advice and support they need to reduce the fear and uncertainty of Liver Transplant .