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Monday, November 3, 2008

Haemorrhoids (Piles)

What are Haemorrhoids (Piles) ?
Haemorrhoids (often known as Piles) are enlarged, engorged blood vessels in or around the back passage (anus). They may be associated with pain, bleeding, itching and the feeling of a lump or bump is hanging down.

Most episodes of trouble from haemorrhoids come and go quite quickly. If simple measures do not help or the problem is lasting, keeps returning or worsening, then you should see your doctor.

Your doctor will ask a few questions and is likely to examine you and may want to feel inside the anus with a gloved finger. Sometimes he will look inside with a metal instrument. This enables him or her to confirm the diagnosis, and to rule out other, more serious problems such as cancer.

What are the causes of hemorrhoids (piles) ?
Haemorrhoids are very common. People most at risk of developing haemorrhoids are those who have more causes for raised abdominal pressure, such as:
  • - Those chronically straining with constipation.
  • - After or during pregnancy.
  • - Overweight people.
  • - People with heavy lifting jobs.
What is the treatment for hemorrhoids ?
  1. Piles at times will settle down over a matter of days without any treatment.
  2. Cream or suppositories (bullet-shaped tablets to be inserted into the anus) may be bought over the counter, or your doctor may prescribe one. These soothe itching and pain, and cause swelling and bleeding to diminish.
  3. Cold compresses, even ice can be helpful.
If you do not get better with these approaches, your doctor may ask a specialist to see you who may suggest various methods to cure your hemorrhoids:-
  1. Put little rubber bands round the haemorrhoids, which will cause them to shrivel and wither away.
  2. Inject a substance into the haemorrhoids which causes them to wither away (sclerotherapy).
  3. Surgical Procedure - Cut away the problem, usually under a general anaesthetic.
Today, in the “Colorectal Surgical Clinic” hemorrhoids are not cut. Under the expertise fo the surgeon, they are dealt with the latest “State of Art” staple gun.

What are the commonly done surgeries for hemorrhoids (piles) ?
Stapled Anopexy / Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy / Open Hemorrhoidectomy

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