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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Resources for living with bowel cancer

8 items found in this section.

1. Charter Healthcare Ltd

Home delivery supplier of prescription ostomy, continence and wound care products or samples.

last reviewed: 05.06.2007

2. Coloplast Ltd

Advisory service for both patients and professionals covering stoma care, continence care and wound ...

last reviewed: 24.03.2003

3. Convatec Ltd

Ostomy and wound care supplier for patients and consumers.

last reviewed: 29.05.2007

4. Hollister Limited

Specialises in products for ostomy care & incontinence care.

last reviewed: 11.07.2007

5. Rusch UK

Manufacturers of ostomy appliances and accessories, and incontinence products.

last reviewed: 24.03.2003

6. Salts Healthcare

Manufacturers of stoma care products.

last reviewed: 04.06.2007

7. Smiths Medical International Limited

Manufactures and supplies infusion & pain management products

last reviewed: 05.06.2007

8. White Rose Collection Ltd

Supplies useful products to make life with a stoma more comfortable, including ladies & mens ...

last reviewed: 11.06.2007

Via: http://www.cancerbackup.org.uk

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