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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gastrointestinal / Gastroenterology Video Library-Part 3

Videos on Colitis, Colon Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Gastrointestinal Health from our comprehensive consumer health video library. Click any title to bring up our video window. If you find that the video window does not come up, please check that your browser has JavaScript enabled and is set to allow pop-up windows.

Colon Cancer in African-Americans
Category: Colon Cancer
Colon cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths, typically strikes African-American men and women at a younger age. Learn what you need to know about early screening and preventing the disease.

Living with IBD and Cancer
Category: Colon Cancer
People who have been living with ulcerative colitis for a long time must be checked regularly for colon cancer. Listen to the story a patient that proves the value of frequent screenings.

Gut-friendly Nutrition
Category: Gastrointestinal Health
Cancers of the GI system are among the most preventable. Learn how simple changes in diet can help keep your digestive system healthy and possibly prevent colon cancer.

IBD and Colorectal Cancer
Category: Colon Cancer
Doctors say regular colon cancer screening is important for people with long-term inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Listen as experts explain how IBD patients can maximize their chances of an early diagnosis.

Hepatitis Overview
Category: Gastrointestinal Health
Many people with viral hepatitis don't know they are infected. Listen as experts discuss who should be tested and review the causes, prevention and treatment of the various types of hepatitis.

Category: Colitis
Yogurt, probiotics and nutritional therapy can be a comfort to people living with inflammatory bowel disease. Listen to experts discuss this approach to treating people with Crohn's and colitis.

IBD and Nutrition
Category: Colitis
People with Crohn's and colitis can become malnourished because they can't absorb certain nutrients. Listen to experts discuss the complex topic of food nutritional problems in people with IBD.

Treating Kids with IBD
Category: Colitis
This program discusses medical issues affecting children diagnosed with Crohn's disease and ulcerative coltitis, types of inflammatory bowel disease. It follows the story of a teenager and explores the effect of IBD on the teenager and her mother, and the various medical strategies used to manage the disease.

Kids Coping Strategies
Category: Gastrointestinal Health
Listen to a panel discussion of children and teenagers with Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, types of inflammatory bowel disease. The children discuss how their IBD has affected their lives and the coping strategies they used to manage their disease.

Heartburn Medicines
Category: Gastrointestinal Health
Many people complain of heartburn. But in most cases, it's remarkably easy to find relief. Listen to experts explain why getting rid of heartburn may be simpler than you think.

Overuse of Common Painkillers
Category: Gastrointestinal Health
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are used by many people to relieve pain. However, since they are so commonly used, most people don't think twice about taking them. Learn why excessive use of these seemingly harmless medications can actually cause a variety of problems.

GI Effects from Pain Medicine
Category: Gastrointestinal Health
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, commonly known as NSAIDs, are taken to relieve common aches and pains. However, for some people, these drugs can cause a variety of gastrointestinal problems. Avoiding these difficulties means learning whether you are at risk for trouble.

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