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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Health & Disease Treatment in Naturopathy

Health & DiseaseHealth is believed as an important treasure of life. The joy, prosperity and activities of human being depends on health to much extent. According to the definition of health given by WHO. "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease or infirmity." Virtually this is already mentioned in Ayurveda. In which the equality of Dosha, Dhatu, Agni and Mala and being happy with soul, senses and mind is described as a definition of a healthy individual.

Actually health cannot be measured by datas. Health is a thing of feelings and really healthy individual may experience its pleasure. Although a healthy person may be that whose appetite is normal, feels satisfaction with natural diet, all physical activities are normal, whose thinking is healthy, skin is moist, soft and light, sleep is sound and adequate, mind is cheerful and body feels light while awakening. So that health is a stage of balance in physical activities.

Nature cure has its own concepts regarding health and disease. According to this disobedience of Natures laws produces the disease and by adopting the Natural laws health may be regained.

Virtually the manifestation of the symptom of disease means body is loaded with morbid matter. If that morbid matter could be removed from body by means of the natural methods of cleansing of body then the body regains health. Here morbid matter means such substances which are not required by body and which develops due to the result of our faulty habits of eating, living and thinking. These faulty habits create sluggishness in eliminative organs due to which the morbid matter accumulates in the body instead of coming out from body. At last this accumulation becomes a cause of disease. The specific part, system or organ of body. wherein the morbid matter accumulates accordingly produces the symptom of disease.

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