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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Like common cold fever is also an indicator of accumulation of morbid in body. Fever means, Nature is trying to burn that morbid with the help of temperature. It`s main symtons are following:
  • Increased body tempearture.
  • Heaviness and burning in eyes
  • Headache
  • Body-ache
  • Coated tongue.

Causes of Fever:
It`s main causes are accumulated morbid matter which is the result of wrong eating and worng living habits. Excessive physicallabour and prolonged drenching in rain may also be the reason but the main cause is accumulation of morbid matter on account of digestice disorder.

Treatment of Fever:
Ice Pack TreatmentThe best treatmnet of fever is fasting, cold water enema and frequent whole body sponge.Cold hip bath gives quick relief.If fever is high then a cold pack or Ice pack should be kept over the forehead. Mud pack over abdomen when appied absorbs the heat of intestine and gives coolness. If mud pack is not available a cotton cold pack should be applied over abdomen and forehead.

During first 3-4 days of fever only fresh fruit juice mixed with water should be given. Cereals should be taken after complete recovery from fever.

The prescription given for common cold and cough regarding fasting and diet is beneficial for fever also. In fever condition Chandrabhedi, Shitali and Sitkari Pranayama should be practised every morning and evening. Breathing should be done through Chandra Nadi. In feverish state caused by common cold or tiredness practice of Ghrit Neti preceded by Kunjala and Jala Neti is very beneficial.

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