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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Enterostomal Therapy

Nearly one million people in North America, India have ostomies , and 70,000 new ostomy surgeries are performed each year. Recognizing that people with ostomies, fistulas, pressure ulcers and incontinence have special needs, the Clinic pioneered the Enterostomal Therapy Program.

Specially trained Enterostomal Therapy (ET) nurses are devoted to helping both adult and pediatric patients by offering preoperative counseling prior to ostomy surgery; caring for patients after surgery; and providing education to patients about post-surgery needs and stoma care. Clinic ET nurses re board-certified by their professional organization and have received special training.

The Role of the E.T. Nurse
People with ostomies, fistulae, pressure ulcers and incontinence have very special needs. Recognizing these needs and the concerns you may have about them, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation employs a team of nurses, called Enterostomal Therapy (E.T.) Nurses, devoted specifically to helping you overcome any initial anxiety or insecurity you may feel.

Via: http://cms.clevelandclinic.org

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