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Sunday, February 10, 2008


When the loose motions are accompanied with mucus also then it is called as Colitis. The main symptoms are following:
  • Mucus mixed with loose motions
  • Urge of evacuation again and again
  • Going toilet just after taking meal
  • Twisting pain in abdomen
  • Feeling of weakness and tiredness
  • Low backache
  • Irritative temperament

Causes of Colitis:
It`s causes are also similar to that of Diarrhoea. Undigested food after putrefying in intestine pollutes the whole system. Nature tries to g,et rid of this polluted matter as soon as possible. These effort`s of Nature are called as Djarrhoea and Colitis.

Treatment of Colitis:
Butter-MilkButter-milk is very useful for Colitis. Butter-milk may be prepared by mixing 4 times water in curd and taken 3-4 times in a Aay. The. powder of SaVt., SoTYth, Jeera, Dhanva and Heeng, etc. may also be added to it. Curd should not be too sour or too sweet. Hipbath is beneficial in this disease. If the facilities of Hipbath are not available. Wet abdomen pack may be used for 30 minutes. The Yogic procedures recommended for Diarrhoea are equally useful for Colitis too.

Sometimes change of climate also becomes beneficial for the patients of Colitis. Therefore, change of climate may also be advised to such patients.

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