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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is the symptom for which we frequently see patients. Many different diseases can lead to various types of abdominal pain. When trying to differentiate the various causes for these types of pains, the physician will want to know several characteristics and qualities about the pain. These questions might include:

1) Does food precipitate the pain?
2) Is the pain relieved by food?
3) Does the pain occur during the night?
4) Does the pain come in waves or is it present constantly?

In addition, the nature of the pain is also quite important in delineating its cause. Cramping pain is quite different than a sharp, steady, boring pain. Some of the conditions that can be associated with significant abdominal pain include:

1) Peptic Ulcer Disease.
2) Gallbladder Disease.
3) Kidney Stones.
4) Pancreatitis.
5) Diverticulitis.
6) Appendicitis.

Usually, colon cancers and polyps do not cause abdominal pain. If someone experiences significant abdominal pain it is best to consult a physician immediately since serious disorders may be associated with this.

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